Dinner Plans

It was a crazy sunset on the Gulf Coast of Ocean Springs, MS.  There were hardly any clouds in the sky and, against the backdrop of the ocean, you could almost feel the curve of the earth. We watched sun sink lower and lower towards the city of Biloxi which lay across the bridge.  It looked like a neon-lit peach that would squish the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino at any moment. The wind blew chilly, sandy air towards our ankles as we sat on the stone wall which divided the road from the beach, and my handsome husband excitedly snapped some photos, occasionally muttering, “I could kill myself for not bringing my telephoto lens today.”  We waited for the moment when the sun would finally disappear altogether (eagerly anticipating the green flash, which we did not see). Then climbed into our red Vibe, “The Firebolt” and thought about where to go for dinner. Continue reading “Dinner Plans”

AMWAM Review of Into the Woods

Into the Woods (2014)

Rating: PG

Run-time/Review Word Count: 124 Minutes/Words

Review: Fans of the original Broadway production and those who are familiar with  Brothers Grimm will likely find themselves spellbound, while some who are expecting Enchanted (2007) may be troubled by the dark themes of the musical. That being said, Disney did highlight the happier events at the beginning of the story (with some effect on pacing) as well as the moral of the film ( “be careful what you wish for”) in a way makes it more family –friendly than the stage show. The film’s visual beauty, superb music, and fantastic acting (MERYL) make it a must see for anyone who appreciates a little fantasy and drama.  Warning: The repeating melodies will be stuck in your head, but the complicated lyrics may leave you tongue-tied.


Baby (and Bump) Update at 18-20ish weeks??

Hi everyone! I want to keep up with the bump pic and update posts every few weeks: I’ve stumbled upon similar posts by other bloggers and found them interesting as well as a good thing to have to look back on! I am currently either 18-20 weeks depending on what date you believe… 18 by the current, official due date, 20 by the original due date. I’m gonna call it 19ish. Any way you slice it I’m about halfway there! Here are a few recent developments: Continue reading “Baby (and Bump) Update at 18-20ish weeks??”