Grief is Complicated.

I’m not trying to be morbid here, just real, because this is something that affects us all.  My husband and I got married almost three years ago. Can I just say that I love being married to that guy?  And I feel like our relationship has been really blessed. That being said, it’s also been three very, very hard years in terms of just about everything else. I’m not going into it now, but those of you who know me know some of the story. I also have some really sweet friends who have had to face things that make me weep.  I don’t understand the meaning of it all. Continue reading “Grief is Complicated.”

Of a Mini Frappe Mindset

First let me say that I like Starbucks.   I love my coffee, and I’ve never gotten a bad cup at this franchise.

Recently, however, I was struck by the fact that we now live in the world of the “Mini Frappuccino.”  This trendy 10 oz confection, available until July 6, is the newest part of the Starbucks culture. Continue reading “Of a Mini Frappe Mindset”

7 Things to See in London on a Budget!

This is a re-post from my former blog. I wrote it last spring for some friends who were going to London and asked what they should see while there. When I studied in Oxford in 2010, I was fortunate to go on day trips to London several times—It’s my favorite city! As a traveling student, my money was very tight while there, so many of the things I did were free or inexpensive.  So I present to you, 7 things to do in London on a Budget.  I’m in no way a London expert, so this list is in no way comprehensive…if you see item 7, it’s pretty self-explanatory that way. Continue reading “7 Things to See in London on a Budget!”

Disney’s Cinderella Remake: Re-discovering Strength in a Manic- Pixie- Warrior World

By: Katie Gustafson

As a lifetime fairy-tale lover, I must confess to also being something of a Disney addict.  That being said, of all the classic Disney fairy-tale princesses, Cinderella has always been my least favorite. Sure, all the female heroines were a bit cookie-cutter in those early days, but the others seemed to have something about them to make them stand out.  Snow White was the original cheer-bringer that Walt pulled out of the bag.  In Sleeping Beauty, Aurora’s haunting voice and stylistic animation made her seem elegant and mysterious. In the 1990s and 2000s, Disney princesses got more exciting. At first they branched out the princess 5729914247_187ff70840_ocharacters with Belle, Jasmine and Ariel, who managed to still be princess-y while also instilling independence, a little rebellion and “girl power” to a rising generation.  The new millennium princesses, perhaps beginning with Mulan and being followed by others like Tiana, Merida, Elsa, Anna (ect) introduced an even more three-dimensional portrait of a heroine to young audiences.  These new princesses were more like real girls, ones you would want to be BFFs with: sweet, spazzy and flawed enough to be relatable.  Cinderella just kind of disappears in the crowd of these newer, more exciting leading ladies. Continue reading “Disney’s Cinderella Remake: Re-discovering Strength in a Manic- Pixie- Warrior World”