My Mom, Motherhood, Moving through Grief

This is from about a year and a half ago, a few months after my mom died. I came across it today and realized how many of those things are still true, but also how I’ve grown around them as they have become part of my life.  Now I have Kora, and though the process of being pregnant and having a new baby has had many moments of grief without my mother, these have still been majorly joyful experiences. Reading this, I have realized that I am growing stronger than I ever would have expected in 18 months. I’m hurting, but I’m also okay. I didn’t feel ready to get pregnant when it happened, that wasn’t the plan….for many reasons, including the ones mentioned in my words below.  But it did happen, and I’m so glad it did. Maybe I never would have felt ready. Maybe I’ll always hurt, but I don’t mind. There are new loves ahead, but never the same love that was lost. Life keeps rolling along. As Kora grows up, I can only hope that my daughter will know her mom loves her as much as I always knew mine loved me. Continue reading “My Mom, Motherhood, Moving through Grief”

Meditation Pose

The shoes were off: flip-flops, neon sneakers and pink Toms scattered all over the room.

The desks are pushed aside.
“Grab your pillows,” I command. They flutter to the reading nook under the window and select their fluffy aid. Continue reading “Meditation Pose”

FREE Sam’s Membership….Calling all Money-Saving Mamas!

Babies sure are cute, but they sure ain’t cheap.  If yours is like many young families, you really have to know how to make a penny stretch. If this is the case for you, I’ve got some exciting news.  Sam’s Club, the place for all things bulk, has decided to offer a huge gift to new or expectant mothers to help pad that new-family budget! Continue reading “FREE Sam’s Membership….Calling all Money-Saving Mamas!”

Another Home

Just a few words today.

We are always moving. Physically. Emotionally… We’re moving to different places in our life’s timeline: College..Marriage..Family…Career…and all the new adventures those endeavors take us on. Within those changes, it can be very easy to let go of people who we were friends with when we were in a different place, people that aren’t as accessible as they used to be…for whatever reason. Continue reading “Another Home”

#NoFilter…The Facebook Evolution

No Filter Facebook

Let’s talk about social media, in particular Facebook.

Usually when people talk about Facebook they do so with emphasis on the fact  that social media gives you the ability to redefine yourself or create an entirely new identity altogether. They talk about how you can post statuses or that say what you want people to know about your life-maybe it’s flawless or maybe it’s quirky or angst-ridden or hipster. Whatever view of yourself you’d like to promote, you can do it with little effort.  If you use Facebook (actively), you do this. I do this. Regardless of whether or not it’s deliberate, it is inevitable: you can’t see a whole life from a single, subjective perspective. Continue reading “#NoFilter…The Facebook Evolution”