7 Surprises for Marty McFly in Real-Life October 21, 2015

We’re going to the future, Marty!

The cult classic, Back to the Future II, begins with Doc dragging Marty and his girlfriend, Jennifer, 30 years forward in time to what was then an extremely futuristic date, October 21, 2015…

Wait a minute, that’s today!Great+scott_1eedba_5720005 Continue reading “7 Surprises for Marty McFly in Real-Life October 21, 2015”

Big and Small

We go to bed early, the windows thrust open to let in the night music: cicadas, frogs, the distant war-call of coyotes and foxes. Because we live at the end of the road, at the end of the world, we hear it all. Our bed is pushed up to the large window, so we balance on our knees (like children) and crane our necks, heads tilted upward at the stars. No other lights for miles around.

A howl bursts through the edge of the woods and we jump. Then giggle. Then sit back and just look. Continue reading “Big and Small”

Autumnal Bucket List

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”-F. Scott Fitzgerald42468017b7b0d0e9dd1cd729cf1820c1

Far be it from me to disagree with F. Scott Fitzgerald on anything, let alone the wonders of the fall.  I could probably write about 199,887 blog posts about why autumn is my very favorite season and how much I love it. I wouldn’t even know where to start, there’s so much autumn love in my heart. Instead, I’d like to share my autumnal bucket list. Continue reading “Autumnal Bucket List”

Margaret Atwood Suggests: “Now try How and Why”

I have this memory of being about four years old and running around the house like a wild monkey. I ran to the bathroom and began unrolling the roll of toilet paper, because what four year old can resist asserting such tremendous power as unrolling something that has been so carefully wound? Anyway, in my tyrannical rampage, I remember having a very startling and serious thought for the first time: this toilet paper is going to be very hard to put back, in fact, once it’s unrolled that’s pretty much it. I realized, in a vague sort of way, that all the people I knew were kind of like little squares of toilet paper that were being constantly unrolled. This analogy was my first notion of the concept of mortality. Continue reading “Margaret Atwood Suggests: “Now try How and Why””

So You Think You’re Not a Feminist?

What do you think of when you hear the word, “feminist”? Come on. Be honest. If someone called you a feminist, how would you feel?  For a long time, it probably would have made me cringe a little bit. That word always conjured up impressions I’d been given by some of my super-liberal friends, ideas like: women shouldn’t shave their legs or wear makeup, abortion is a simple matter of women’s rights, and traditional female stereotypes should be protested, LOUDLY. I never identified with any of these ideas.  I’m a Christian. I’m politically conservative, soft-spoken and don’t like conflict. Frankly, I don’t take issue with Miss. America or Disney princesses.  I’m also a twenty-something wife who is happy to cook dinner most nights, I even wear an apron when I’m doing it (sometimes maybe red lipstick too, but only if I’m feeling sassy)! So most people would think I’m not a feminist, right? Continue reading “So You Think You’re Not a Feminist?”