Meditation Pose

The shoes were off: flip-flops, neon sneakers and pink Toms scattered all over the room.

The desks are pushed aside.
“Grab your pillows,” I command. They flutter to the reading nook under the window and select their fluffy aid.

“Meditation pose” can also be said, “criss cross apple sauce”
Little noses inhale and -with big, short breaths- exhale….
Not quite sure what the point of relaxation is, but willing to try.
They stretch and roll and try to look serious. Some try to sneak in a nap.

Then it happens. The serene, female voice on the instructional yoga video says it.

She says, “If this is uncomfortable for you, position a pillow directly underneath the buttocks.”
Buttocks  is a funny word in any voice, but particularly in a yoga voice.
We lose it. There is iggling and rolling into wiggly variations of baby poses.
One yells, “Stop guys stop, listen to Ms. Katie.”

I get out between giggles, “It’s ok. I’ve lost it too.”

A little meditation is good for the soul.

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