FREE Sam’s Membership….Calling all Money-Saving Mamas!

Babies sure are cute, but they sure ain’t cheap.  If yours is like many young families, you really have to know how to make a penny stretch. If this is the case for you, I’ve got some exciting news.  Sam’s Club, the place for all things bulk, has decided to offer a huge gift to new or expectant mothers to help pad that new-family budget!

Here’s how: Until September 29 (three days from right NOW), new mothers or expectant women can call to get signed up for a completely FREE year of Sam’s membership.


Here’s the number: 1-888-746-7726

Ask for the “New Mom Deal”


If the long busy-signal is getting you down (I’ve heard that the wait time can be a little ridiculous) you can always try in person at the customer service desk at your local SAMs. This is what I did this yesterday. I just strolled up to the desk with an adorable baby and a driver’s license in hand and saved myself $100 instantly with many times that over the next year on diapers, wipes, food, etc.  From what I’ve read on other forums about this offer, I think that whether or not you can do this depends a little bit on how nice the person at your particular customer service desk is. But it never hurts to ask, right?

I already had a membership that was due to expire in October, and until I heard about this special deal I was planning on just letting it go. It’s hard to shop in bulk with a baby in tote, you know? However, for a years worth of savings, I’ll make it happen. I think Sam’s was counting on many new mama’s feeling that way, and this is a smart move for them.  So what are you waiting for, mama? Go snag yourself some savings, but better jump on it quickly!

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