Dinner Plans

It was a crazy sunset on the Gulf Coast of Ocean Springs, MS.  There were hardly any clouds in the sky and, against the backdrop of the ocean, you could almost feel the curve of the earth. We watched sun sink lower and lower towards the city of Biloxi which lay across the bridge.  It looked like a neon-lit peach that would squish the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino at any moment. The wind blew chilly, sandy air towards our ankles as we sat on the stone wall which divided the road from the beach, and my handsome husband excitedly snapped some photos, occasionally muttering, “I could kill myself for not bringing my telephoto lens today.”  We waited for the moment when the sun would finally disappear altogether (eagerly anticipating the green flash, which we did not see). Then climbed into our red Vibe, “The Firebolt” and thought about where to go for dinner. Continue reading “Dinner Plans”