AMWAM Review of Into the Woods

Into the Woods (2014)

Rating: PG

Run-time/Review Word Count: 124 Minutes/Words

Review: Fans of the original Broadway production and those who are familiar with  Brothers Grimm will likely find themselves spellbound, while some who are expecting Enchanted (2007) may be troubled by the dark themes of the musical. That being said, Disney did highlight the happier events at the beginning of the story (with some effect on pacing) as well as the moral of the film ( “be careful what you wish for”) in a way makes it more family –friendly than the stage show. The film’s visual beauty, superb music, and fantastic acting (MERYL) make it a must see for anyone who appreciates a little fantasy and drama.  Warning: The repeating melodies will be stuck in your head, but the complicated lyrics may leave you tongue-tied.