My Mom, Motherhood, Moving through Grief

This is from about a year and a half ago, a few months after my mom died. I came across it today and realized how many of those things are still true, but also how I’ve grown around them as they have become part of my life.  Now I have Kora, and though the process of being pregnant and having a new baby has had many moments of grief without my mother, these have still been majorly joyful experiences. Reading this, I have realized that I am growing stronger than I ever would have expected in 18 months. I’m hurting, but I’m also okay. I didn’t feel ready to get pregnant when it happened, that wasn’t the plan….for many reasons, including the ones mentioned in my words below.  But it did happen, and I’m so glad it did. Maybe I never would have felt ready. Maybe I’ll always hurt, but I don’t mind. There are new loves ahead, but never the same love that was lost. Life keeps rolling along. As Kora grows up, I can only hope that my daughter will know her mom loves her as much as I always knew mine loved me. Continue reading “My Mom, Motherhood, Moving through Grief”

Post-Partum Must Haves: Supplements and Goodies that Make Life Easier

So you’re going to have a baby. The day is getting closer and you are growing in excitement not only about meeting your new little boy or girl, but also about just not being pregnant anymore (Let’s face it, those last few weeks of pregnancy tend to be a bit miserable.) Then that tiny new person arrives and you are ecstatic! If you are like me, maybe you get about 2 hours grand total of sleep during your three day stay in the hospital (because no one sleeps in the hospital) and somehow, despite the lack of sleep and the immense amount of strain your body has been through, you feel so energized! Continue reading “Post-Partum Must Haves: Supplements and Goodies that Make Life Easier”