Baby (and Bump) Update at 18-20ish weeks??

Hi everyone! I want to keep up with the bump pic and update posts every few weeks: I’ve stumbled upon similar posts by other bloggers and found them interesting as well as a good thing to have to look back on! I am currently either 18-20 weeks depending on what date you believe… 18 by the current, official due date, 20 by the original due date. I’m gonna call it 19ish. Any way you slice it I’m about halfway there! Here are a few recent developments: Continue reading “Baby (and Bump) Update at 18-20ish weeks??”

Keeping it Real: 10 Surprises of Early Pregnancy (and the 15 Week Bump)

Hi everyone, I’m about 15 weeks into my first pregnancy now, and I’m actually starting to feel like it’s a real thing. It’s funny,  I have a lot of friends who were always so excited about being pregnant, but to be honest it has always completely freaked me out.  I’ve always had trouble explaining how much it freaked me out or why exactly, but it did.  This has nothing to do with my desire to have kids- I have always loved children and wanted to raise a family of my own. Pregnancy just kind of seemed like a scary but necessary thing that would happen at some foggy point in my life to result in said children.  Continue reading “Keeping it Real: 10 Surprises of Early Pregnancy (and the 15 Week Bump)”