Post-Partum Must Haves: Supplements and Goodies that Make Life Easier

So you’re going to have a baby. The day is getting closer and you are growing in excitement not only about meeting your new little boy or girl, but also about just not being pregnant anymore (Let’s face it, those last few weeks of pregnancy tend to be a bit miserable.) Then that tiny new person arrives and you are ecstatic! If you are like me, maybe you get about 2 hours grand total of sleep during your three day stay in the hospital (because no one sleeps in the hospital) and somehow, despite the lack of sleep and the immense amount of strain your body has been through, you feel so energized! Continue reading “Post-Partum Must Haves: Supplements and Goodies that Make Life Easier”

Alfalfa: The Ultimate Pregnancy Tip

I am one of those people who eats a meal (even a healthy meal) out at a restaurant, or maybe has some pre-packaged meal, and ends up about 5 pounds heavier the next day with swollen fingers. FROM ONE MEAL.  And usually, it takes awhile to get rid of that 5 pounds. Continue reading “Alfalfa: The Ultimate Pregnancy Tip”

Shaklee and Why I’m ENTHUSED

64750_10203725913841320_4399527548950536553_n             So you’ve been seeing posts about Shaklee on my FB, and maybe you’re wondering what it’s all about.  I wanted to give you  some information about this company and explain why I think it’s AWESOME.  First off, this is not a “trendy” thing. Shaklee has been America’s Number 1 Nutrition Company since the 1950s, and I have personally been using the products since I was about five years old. I’ve seen the efficacy of these natural products for years, and as an adult I am also beginning to appreciate more about the company: what it stands for, the research behind the products, and the goals it has for its members.  After loving this company for most of my life, I have decided to explore the business opportunity that  Shaklee offers to work from anywhere!  I am currently a distributor in Shaklee, and I would like to achieve Senior Director status by the time our little girl gets here in July. I’m hoping this will allow me to earn from home! Continue reading “Shaklee and Why I’m ENTHUSED”