About Me

My name is Kathryn, but you can call me Katie. I was raised as the only child of two right-brained p10388061_10204184413143516_8956436807531433291_nsychotherapists. I’m married to a creative (but incredibly logical and practical) Viking guy from Florida who balances out my ADD and surges of emotional intensity. We currently live on a farm that was started by my great-grandparents in the middle of Nowhere-On-The-Outskirts-of-Extremely-Small-Town Mississippi. Sometimes things fall apart out here in a manner reminiscent of the Chevy Chase film, “Funny Farm,” but we love it anyway. I’m a Southern girl who’s not really all that Southern (though my family is). While I am working towards my Masters degree in English and Creative Writing, I am also teaching Zumba classes, writing my own material and trying to get people around me into healthy lifestyle changes (not such an easy thing in Mississippi). I love movies, books, the arts, healthy cooking, and people watching. I am a Christian who is not afraid of feelings, and I dabble in fiction. I’m also expecting my first baby, so I’m sure there will be blog posts about that, too. I suppose this blog is for anyone who has trouble defining them selves by one thing. I think most of us do have difficulty with that, if we’re honest. I hope you’ll follow me as I write where I am.

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